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How to buy a picture

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How to buy a picture

You may check into the cost of an author’s picture, having written a letter via
E-mail or having called by the telephone. In case of the acquisition of a picture, if you are out in other city or abroad, the picture is sent by means of a transport company (the delivery is paid by the customer), all the documents for the picture exportation are executed by the artist.

Author’s repeat of a picture

You may order the author’s copy of any picture represented on the site, if the original has already been sold. The change of the size and of the color range is possible.


The portrait is painted from life or by the photo in any technique. The work may be treated against any background and in any costume according to your choice.

Interior painting

The painting of any difficulty is made on the walls and on the ceiling. You may choose the image of the painting through your individual effort or consult it with the artist.

The repeat of a famous old master’s painting

The exact copy of a famous painting is made. The execution technique and the size are chosen at customer’s option.

Printing on canvas

You can order a print of the favorite artist’s picture on a canvas. The poster’s cost is much cheaper than the cost of the original. The print of the picture is made only by the artist or according to his written consent.

The artist will offer a good discount for the regular customers or in case of a purchase of more than one picture.

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